Increase real estate sales with end-to-end sales execution

Ensure zero lead leakage, manage + engage property buyers & leads till they become customers

End to end sales execution - real estate CRM

Never miss a single property inquiry

From your online and offline campaigns and via phone calls

Ensure zero lead leakage - real estate CRM software

Ensure zero lead leakage

Capture property inquiries from all your marketing campaigns. Including digital ads (Google, YouTube, etc.), social (Facebook, LinkedIn, etc.), traditional ads (print, TV ads, etc. via phone calls), website, real estate marketplaces (CommonFloor, MagicBricks, etc.). Identify the best and worst-performing campaigns to aid budget allocation.

Create beautiful project landing pages easily

With tens of projects, hundreds of properties, and a comparable number of online campaigns running at a particular point, creating different landing pages relevant to each project or property can get very time-consuming. Use Winsale’s drag and drop landing page builder to create hundreds of responsive landing pages easily.

project landing pages - real estate CRM software

Reduce response time and increase agent efficiency

Automate lead + task assignments and first responses to inquiries

Automated lead distribution - real estate CRM software

Distribute leads automatically

Reduce response time by distributing property inquiries automatically to your real estate agents and call center based on any criteria you want. Distribution can happen based on property type (residential or commercial), sub-type (luxury or budget apartments), location, other preferences, agent availability and more.

Automate agent notifications and task settings

Automate notifications (text or email) to your agents when a new lead is assigned to them, or if a new site visit is booked. This would help them manage a perfect schedule. You can automatically set tasks for them based on their calendar availability so that they don’t have to do it manually and they never miss an appointment or follow-up call.

Automate agent notifications - real estate crm software

Build lasting relationships with property buyers

Build engagement workflows to convert more property inquiries to purchases

Lead Segmentation - real estate CRM Software

Segment leads intelligently and automate communication

Segment your prospective home buyers based on various factors – property types, preferences, location, demographics, financial status, home loan status, and more. Use this information to always maintain relevant messaging with property buyers across all communication channels – like details of home loan, discounts on properties, or details of other similar properties.

Capture all your interactions with the potential buyers

Track every single activity and interaction that a prospect has with you. Phone calls, site visits, email or text interactions, or communication through any other channel – everything is tracked and recorded so that you always know the status of the lead and the direction in which the conversation is headed. This helps you improve the prospect experience.

Capture all interactions with property buyers - real estate CRM software

Help your agents work efficiently and intelligently

Lead scoring, task recommendations and inventory management

Lead Quality Scoring - real estate CRM software

Completely customize lead quality criteria

Help your sales team identify the best sales opportunities by using the lead quality score. Define what qualifies as a high-quality lead to you, and all your leads will be scored accordingly, and your agents would know exactly which leads to call first. Automates sales prioritization.

Prioritize your sales team's tasks

Use a combination of the lead quality score and activity score (based on the prospect behavior and conversation tracking) and show them their prioritized tasks in smart views. This helps preserve your team’s bandwidth, ensures that the best leads are called first, and makes your agents more productive.

Sales prioritization - real estate CRM Software

Real Estate CRM - inventory management

Manage your real estate inventory with ease

Winsale’s developer platform allows you to manage real estate inventory within your CRM. Allow automated inventory mapping, and inventory view against leads. Agents can view in real-time the inventory for different projects based on buyer preference. Result = Higher sales efficiency + seamless buyer experience.

Build highly productive field agents with mobile CRM

One mobile app to increase the efficiency of your feet-on-street teams

Real estate CRM for field agents

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